Adult Therapy

Clinical psychologist Cate Wikner offers effective evidence-based psychological interventions and uses evidence-based therapies matched to individual needs. Evidence-based therapy are methods that have been scientifically studied and found to be effective.

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Psychoeducational Assessment (IQ)

The assessments are administered by Psychologist Emily Church. Assessments are primarily undertaken by children but they are also offered to adults. The assessment enables the identification of subtle learning problems and discrepancies between ability and achievement. We provide a comprehensive confidential report with diagnosis and intervention recommendations.

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Cogmed Working memory training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidenced-based intervention for improved attention. Published research shows that people with working memory deficits (common in ADD/ADHD) who undergo Cogmed Working Memory Training improve their ability to concentrate and control their impulsive behaviour.

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Clinical Psychologist Cate Wikner offers the 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Engaging Adolescents and the Hand in Hand Parenting programs to parents wishing to manage their children’s behaviour using behaviour modification and also attachment-based methods. Assertion and communication skills training for work and home is also offered.

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