Information about our services, appointments, fees, Medicare rebates, cancellation policy, HICAPS and other topics which may assist you.

Please note: Effective 11/3/19 Cate Wikner is not taking new clients


  • Therapy sessions for adults (including Workcover referrals)
  • Therapy sessions for children, adolescents & young adults
  • Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training
  • Parenting / communication skills


Referrals are not necessary to make an appointment. Clients may self-refer simply by calling or emailing. Clients are encouraged to book appointments in advance to secure their preferred dates and times as the clinic is often fully booked at least one month ahead.


Cate Wikner – Clinical psychologist

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The first appointment is 9am and the last is 4pm.

Emily Church – Psychologist

Monday, Friday. The first appointment is 9am and the last is 4pm.


  • Therapy sessions                                 $200              Medicare rebate (conditions apply)
  • Parenting /communication skills         $200              Medicare rebate (conditions apply)
  • Psychoeducational assessment           $1350          No Medicare rebate
  • Cogmed Working Memory training       $980         No Medicare rebate


Payment is due at the time the service is provided. We accept cash, EFTPOS, credit card and direct deposit.
We do not take AMEX. Payment is requested before the commencement of 4pm appointments for banking purposes.

HICAPS is available for private insurance.

We do not bulk bill.


1) Medicare rebates

Medicare rebates apply to therapy sessions only.

Rebates are claimable for 10 therapy sessions per calendar year (1st Jan to 31 Dec).

The Medicare rebate is $124.50 for a Clinical Psychologist session and $84.80 for a Psychologist.

2) Medicare referrals

Clients with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) in place and a recent GP referral letter, or a specialist referral from a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician are eligible for the rebate. A referral letter provides approval for a maximum of six sessions on each occasion. Note: Specialist referrals don’t require a MHTP being in place.

Please bring the referral letter to your appointment and a copy of the Mental Health Treatment Plan if available. The referral letter should be in the name of either Hurlstone Park Psychology, Cate Wikner or Emily Church.

After the sessions nominated in your referral letter have been used, we report back to the referrer about your progress. To proceed with additional Medicare rebate sessions, clients require a new referral letter. At this point a GP may undertake a MHTP review, however we still require a referral letter.

When 10 sessions have been used some clients may be eligible for further sessions under Enhanced Primary Care arrangements.

You are always able to continue treatment as a private patient.

3) Medicare attendance requirements

The rebate can be claimed only if the patient with the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan or specialist referral attends the session in person. For example, if the referral relates to a child, and the parent attends without the child, then the rebate cannot be claimed.

4) Medicare rebate processing

Clients pay the appointment fee and we transmit the rebate request to Medicare. Medicare deposit the rebate (usually the next day) into the client’s Medicare-linked bank account.

Workcover referrals

Cate Wikner accepts Workcover referrals.

Cancellation policy

Therapy sessions

To cancel or reschedule an appointment we require at least 2 business days’ notice prior to the appointment. Insufficient notice may result in a late cancellation fee, equivalent to the appointment fee, being charged.

Appointment non-attendance without notice will automatically attract a cancellation fee. A Medicare rebate does not apply to cancellation fees.

It is important to note that irregular attendance for therapy is likely to compromise the effectiveness of treatment.

Medico-legal reports

The clinic does not provide reports for medico-legal purposes.


We are not registered with NDIS