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Cogmed Working Memory TrainingCogmed

An evidenced-based intervention for improved attention

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory. 

Published research shows that people with working memory deficits (common in ADD/ADHD) who undergo Cogmed Working Memory Training improve their ability to concentrate and control their impulsive behaviour.

The program is based on strong scientific research and it is done in the convenience of your own home under the supervision of a qualified Cogmed Coach.

The complete program includes:

Provided via a national network of attention specialists, all qualified by Cogmed.

Computer-based training, using a PC, laptop or tablet at home or at a designated education or healthcare facility.

Software adjusts complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximised training effect.

A minimum of 25 training sessions, between 25-50 minutes each, done over a minimum of 5 weeks. An individualised protocol will be selected to suit the user.

Supported by a Cogmed Coach who leads the training, tracks results, and provides support and motivation.

User/family sets the training schedule with the Cogmed Coach, with plenty of flexibility.

Cogmed Training Web gives all users online access to their own training results and progress status.

Cogmed Extension Training is an option that allows the user to further sharpen the acquired capacity and to verify how the results hold over time.

To view the published research, please go to 

To make an appointment to assess the suitability of Cogmed Working Memory Training for you or your child, please contact us.

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