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FAQS – Educational Assessments

Which ability test should I use for my child?

The WISC-V has Australian norms and plenty of varied and interesting tasks for children. The Stanford Binet-V has United States norms, and is also interesting for children. Australian schools tend to be more familiar with the WISC-V. Both tests are ‘gold standards’ in ability testing.

How much does an assessment cost? 

Please contact the clinic for current pricing.

What should I tell my child?

That depends a little on your child, their age and disposition. You know them best, but remarks along the lines of “You will be meeting with someone who will ask you questions about things, like a quiz, and do some puzzles and picture problems. You’ll work for a while, and then have a break. I will be in another room while you are there.”

Will I be able to sit with my child during the assessment?

Parents are usually occupied completing questionnaires, and children are better able to attend to the tasks when they are not distracted by the presence of their parent.

I don’t know if I want an IQ assessment, can I just make an appointment for a consultation?

Yes, this is always possible. Standard consultation rates apply.

I think my child is anxious/depressed – is Cate able to help us?

Yes. No referral is necessary, however a significant rebate may be available under Medicare with a GP Mental Health Plan – check with your local doctor. Psychological treatment is very effective in children and early intervention is always preferable.