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Clinical Psychology Services

Self Refer

Clients may self-refer simply by picking up the phone and making an appointment, or by using email.

Medicare Referral

A referral from your general practitioner, known as a Mental Health Plan, will allow you to claim a substantial rebate from Medicare. Medicare allows up to 10 sessions in one calendar year. Under this program, reports are provided to your general practitioner after the sixth and tenth sessions.

About Sessions

On intake, you will be listened to respectfully, and a careful assessment will be made of your difficulties to help accurately identify the problem, its causes and maintaining factors. This may include the use of a range of pencil and paper assessments or the gathering of clinical information from you.

Treatment can then proceed in a collaborative way, with your full consent and active participation. Therapy includes a substantial educational component, so that you will develop the skills to manage your condition and help you to prevent relapse in the future.


Educational Assessment Services - Children

Cate personally provides professional and comprehensive educational and psychological assessment services for children and adults.

The Process:

Step 1 Intake

Cate will discuss with you, by phone or email, the assessment needs for your child and then determine appropriate testing. This means that a detailed and objective snapshot of your child can be taken in relation to their ability, academic achievement and general adjustment.

Step 2 Assessment

ONE of the following ability assessment tools is used with your child to measure ability:

Whilst the parent completes the following questionnaires:

Up to two and a half hours is set aside to assess your child, which includes breaks for a snack and a stretch or play. The final time for completion will partly depend on your child’s responses.

If you require academic achievement testing, which reviews the child’s school-based learning (ie spelling, maths, reading comprehension), then there is a further assessment using the:

This enables the identification of subtle learning problems and discrepancies between ability and achievement.

Step 3 Feedback